OCM - Oil Cleansing Method

Have you heard of it yet? The oil cleansing method is not news for many, but if it is the first time you're hearing of it your skin is about to be hugging you a little bit tighter in thanks for the transformation it brings.

We commonly see soap-based faced washes promoted by cosmetic brands that claim to leave the skin clean and clear. And they certainly excel at the cleaning part- stripping us dry of all the natural oils that help maintain a healthy balance for the skin to perform its protective duties. You see, the skin is much more than we give credit to. As the first physical defense against the world, it relies heavily upon its lipid barrier and a proper pH to protect us from daily harsh environmental pollutants, UV rays, microbes, etc.

So, if and when we use these types products we certainly feel the cleansing effect, but then wonder why we still have such oily skin or why our skin is so dry OR, if we're lucky, we get a bit of both with some combination skin - what a joy that is :) The problem with these face washes is that in stripping us of our oils, the body responds in a few ways ...

1. It tries to compensate for the loss by producing more oil because, as we said earlier, the oil is an integral balance to the ecosystem of the skin. If we are continuously depleting the skin of it's natural oils our sebaceous glands (the glands that produce sebum - the name for the oil our skin produces) kick into overdrive and we find ourselves with excessively oily skin.

2. The skin can't replenish the lost oils and remains perpetually dry.

3. The skin gets confused and leaves us equally confused with patches of dryness and excessive oil.

Luckily there's a solution to this all - OIL CLEANSING. Who would have thought? Well, it 's been the way of many indigenous people's for a quite some time and makes perfect sense when we think about it. Firstly, oil dissolves oil, and is quite effective at pulling the dirt and debris from the skin without stressing it out. It assists the skin's return to a state of homeostasis via balanced oil/sebum production.

With all things of this nature, it can be hard to believe until you try, and we encourage you do just that! Whether you use GLB's Cleanse oil cleansing product or get some pure jojoba, squalene, or meadowfoam seed oil of your own it will change your whole skin care routine for the better - I'm 99.99% sure of it.


Start with a dry face and add your oil of choice to your fingertips. Then, gently massage it into your skin, wet a wash clothe with balmy water and drape over your face for 30 seconds or so. Take a moment to let all the muscles in your face relax. Take a breath and begin to rub the oil from your face. You will likely see dirt, debris, and makeup that it pulls from your pores.


Your at home facial begins here. Now you can go on to add a cleansing mask or carry on with your daily routine with GLB's Refresh Moisturizing Mist and a GLB Serum of choice for your skin to drink in.

Questions and comments welcome and encouraged below :)

With peace,

Mel & Em

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